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Grades 3-4 Division

Must be currently enrolled in either 3rd or 4th grade and be under 11 years of age on March 1st of the current season.  In addition, pre-selected 2nd graders who are developmentally ready for the rigors of this level can apply by contacting the president of the GPLC board. The 3/4 grades have 10 clubs and some with multiple teams in the NSYL league.  This age level typically practices twice a week and plays games on Saturdays.  Our program goal's are to introduce and mature the game, have fun, and be safe. To achieve these goals the program is set up to have the players learning and competing against players of similar ages and experience levels on a full 10 player playing field.  Full contact lacrosse gear is required.  Helmet, chest pads, elbow pads, gloves and mouth guard are the minimum requirements.  Use of long poles are not allowed in this division